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Floor Guide

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Name Outline
Iha Fuyu Bunko Iha Fuyu is considered the father of Omoro and the pioneer of Okinawan studies. After his decease, his family donated his collection to the University of the Ryukyus. Contains 161 items of Okinawan old poetry, linguistics, and literature.
Genshichi Bunko
Contains 115 items of Shimabukuro Genshichi’s collection related to his research in Okinawan local customs and folklore.
Nakahara Zenchu
Derived from the collection of Nakahara Zenchu, a researcher who contributed greatly to the studies of Omoro Soshi and history of Okinawa. This collection has 3,288 items.
Donated by Rev. Earl Rankin Bull, who was an American missionary and worked in Kyushu and Okinawa during the Meiji and Taisho eras. Contains 560 items of materials related to Christianity and history of Ryukyu.
Miyara Dunchi
The documents housed in Miyara Dunchi, a traditional Ryukyuan residence of the Miyara family, located in Ishigaki, Yaeyama. This collection contains 300 items of materials related to history, culture and folklore of Okinawa and Yaeyama.
Kerr Collection Donated by George H. Kerr who was a historian and author of Okinawa: The History of an Island People. The collection has 200 items of research materials related to history, culture and folk customs of Okinawa and Yaeyama.
USCAR This collection has 600,000 pieces of reproduction materials about political, judicial and educational affairs in postwar Okinawa. Recorded and kept by the U.S. government.
Hawley Bunko Contains 56 materials related to Okinawan studies. This collection has reproduction of part of Frank Hawley collection which is now housed in the University of Hawaii at Manoa Library.
Miyazato Seigen
Collected by Miyazato Seigen, a former professor of International politics at the University of the Ryukyus. Contains 805 materials related to U.S. occupation of postwar Okinawa and other Okinawa-related documents issued by the U.S. Department of State.
Yanaihara Tadao
Collected by Yanaihara Tadao, a former president of the University of Tokyo. Contains 761 materials regarding the former Japanese colonies in the South Pacific.
Nakasone Seizen
Contains 329 items of Nakasone Seizen's linguistic research data and notes regarding the Nakijin Dialect and the other Okinawan/Ryukyuan dialects.
Matsuda Mitsugu
Derived from a collection of books once owned by Matsuda Mitsugu, a researcher of modern history of Okinawa. Contains 629 materials related to Hawaii as well as to Japanese and Okinawan studies, conducted by foreign researchers.
Hara Chujun
This is a collection of Okinawa-related materials once owned by Hara Chujun, who was a secretary of the first Okinawa Prefecture Governor Nabeshima Naoyoshi. Hara visited Okinawa after the disposition of Ryukyu and establishment of the prefecture system. Contains 119 items including official documents, diaries, and Chinese poems and verses written by Hara.
Sakihara Mitsugu
Derived from a collection of books formerly owned by Sakihara Mitsugu, who was a historian and also a former president of Hawaii International College. Contains 2,000 volumes of books related to Ryukyu Kingdom and Okinawan immigrants.
Ryukyuan Language
Voice Database
The speech database of Ryukyuan Language Dictionary is available at the University of the Ryukyus Library website. This database was created as part of a research project funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology-Japan.
Ryukyu and Okinawa
Digital Gallery
Digitized images of ancient writings of Ryukyu and research material of Ryukyuan/Okinawan studies, owned by University of the Ryukyus Library are now available online, such as the E. R. Bull Collection, photos taken by Walter Abelmann, etc.


Number of Items
Books Main 918,484
Medical 121,921
Total 1,040,405
Accessions per annum 12,000

Journals Main 20,200
Medical 3,800
Total 24,000
Accessions per annum 3,900

AV Materials 8,886

Number of all members at UR 11,902
Days of opening Main 348
Medical 356

Reference Services 5,045
Interlibrary Loans Request 4,047
Received 2,439
Library Workshop Times 133
Participants 2,780
Use of Library
Number of volumes per student 123
Number of visitors per day 2,012
Number of checkouts per day 309
Total number of checkouts 107,614

Estimated % of Card Catalog Conversion into Online Database

Floor Space
(Seating Capacity 824)
(Seating Capacity 182)

※As of 2013


Library University of the Ryukyus



Group Study Room

〈For student, faculty and staff〉

Only for group study activities. Three rooms in the main library and four rooms (2nd floor seminar rooms) in the branch are available. Reservations can be made from one week prior to the date of usage and for a maximum of three hours.

(Med. Lib: Maximum 2 hours)



Open Satellite
(Computer Room)

〈For student, faculty and staff〉

PCs are available here only for academic or any university related work, as well as for material research by using library’s online catalog. Wireless LAN is also available in some of the rooms in the building.
(Room Design & Photo by Toru Irie)


Multi-Purpose Hall

〈Group Study Space〉

Movable desks and chairs, whiteboards and Wireless LAN are available for any academic purpose (WLAN is available only for students and staffs with a valid user ID # and password, no shoes allowed).


Information Lounge
Daily newspapers, latest magazines, books on varied topics including environmental issues are available. Also available are a collection of English books for extensive reading and computers that offer you an access to various useful databases

(in-library access only).



Documents Section
We have a collection of various materials related to UN and EU.

Library University of the Ryukyus


■Okinawa Collection
We have a large collection of rare and valuable Okinawa materials.


■University of the Ryukyus Library Ryukyu/Okinawa Special Collection Digital Archives
Digitized images and materials of Ryukyu and Okinawa are now online. Special features such as a glass view function, a text reprint tab, etc. enable more efficient research in old writings.


■Special Collection Exhibition
We hold an annual exhibition of Ryukyu/Okinawa-related rare materials at various sites.


■Bibliographic Information Database of Okinawa Materials(BIDOM)
BIDOM is a database providing information on Okinawan study materials, including journal articles, academic papers and books related to Okinawa, that the other existing databases do not cover.

2014 University Library Events (On campus)

  1. University of the Ryukyus Biblio Literary Prize
    Publication of the 7th prize winner’s works / Mar. 17, 2014
    The 8th prize winner announcement poetry and novel / Dec. 10, 2014
    The 8th prize awarding ceremony / Dec. 17, 2014
  2. Revival Exhibition: Ryukyu and Okinawa profiled in historical materials
    Date: Dec. 16, 2014-Feb. 1, 2015


  • Reading and Borrowing Books
    You have access to books, journals, collection materials, and AV materials and can borrow them as well. You can also watch/listen to AV materials at AV booths or rooms with AV equipment.
  • Reference Services
    Library staffs are available for any consultation about book searches and library services.
  • Interlibrary Loan Services
    Materials not found in this library can be ordered from other libraries in Japan.
  • Major Database Services

    You can access the following databases.

    ・ Web of Science core collection (All fields)
    ・ CiNii Articles (All Fields:Domestic Publication)
    ・ CiNii Books (All Fields:Domestic Books)
    ・ Japan Medical Abstracts Society Web (Domestic Medical Journals)
    ・ MathSciNet (Mathematics)
    ・ PsycINFO (Psychology)
    ・ ERIC (Pedagogy)
    ・ (Law・Precedent・Newspaper)
    ・ Lexis AS ONE (Japanese Law・Precedent)
    ・ KIKUZO ll Visual (Newspaper articles)
    ・ EconLit(Economics)
    ・ MLA International Bibliography(Literature・Linguistics)
    ・ AIREX(Astronautics)
  • Electric Journals

    ・6,400titles (On campus only)

Information Services from Website
You can search for library materials by using OPAC anytime. Only Univ. of the Ryukyus students and staffs can use the ILL services to request Items via the internet.

Library Workshop
We hold workshop on how to search for books, how to use the databases, how to use library materials, etc.

・Services for Local Communities

We are open to the public for reference, research, and check-out of library materials.
(Check-out: Main Library Only. Ask librarian)

・Okinawa Repository Integrated Open-Access Network(ORION)
Accumulate, preserve, digitize research materials regarding Okinawan studies and open them to the public.

・University of the Ryukyus Repository
Accumulate, preserve, digitize research materials, completed at University of the Ryukyus and open them to the public.


History Since its Founding
1950 The Univ. of the Ryukyus (UR) is founded on the ruins of Shuri Castle. Library functions as University Culture Center (250.8㎡).
1955 Shikiya Memorial Library (2,495㎡) is established.
1967 First publication of Library Journal "Biblio."
1972 Okinawa's reversion to Japan. UR becomes a Japanese national university.
1981 Moving the UR campus to Senbaru. The New Main Hall (6,143㎡) is completed.
1982 Computerized services start.
1984 Faculty of Medicine (1,403㎡) is established.
1986 Connects UR Library Network to SINET. UR Library becomes UN Depository Library. Okinawa-related collection project receives the National University Library Committee Award.
1990 OPAC search service starts.
1994 Installation of a CD-ROM server into the Library enables database searches through the internet. The Main Library is extended (3,016㎡).
1996 Library’s website launches. Library volunteer staff system starts.
1997 A section which deals with online and information literacy is established and starts literacy education.
1998 Self-Assessment Report No.2 is published. Okinawan Research and Development Division is formed (3 years granted project to create Ryukyuan language database). Starting Research Material Information Service and Receiving System of the Foreign Satellite Broadcasting.
1999 Starting DLS (Digital Library System) service. Adds the layer-built stack rooms.
2000 ILL and book purchase request services start. Self-Assessment Report No.3 is published. The UR Library future plan is formulated.
2001 E-journal service starts. Rare Material Exhibition is held in Naha City. Renovates the Information Lounge. Creates the UR history exhibition section.
2002 Special Collection Exhibition in Naha City.
2003 An automatic book checkout machine is installed. Special Collection Exhibition in Nago City.
2004 Special Collection Exhibition in Nishihara Town.
2005 Special Collection Exhibition in Itoman City. Wireless LAN service starts.
2006 Interlibrary Cooperation Agreements with Yonsei Univ. Library (Korea) is concluded. Special Collection Exhibition in Chatan Town.
2007 Special Collection Exhibition in Ginowan City. UR Repository system service starts. The Biblio Literary Prize (BLP) is established.
2008 Special Collection Exhibition in Tomigusuku City.
2009 Renews the Library’s website. Special Collection Exhibition in Nago City. ORION (Okinawa Repository Integrated Open-Access Network) service starts. Creates Student-Selected Book Exhibition section.
2010 Special Collection Exhibition at Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art in Naha City. Edy payment machine for ILL service is installed. The BLP project receives the National University Library Committee Award.
2011 Special Collection Exhibition in Ishigaki City. Adds the Poetry Category to the BLP. The Multi-Purpose Hall is added.
2012 Special Collection Exhibition in Uruma City.
2013 Special Collection Exhibition in Yomitan Village. Target applicants of the BLP are extended to students from other universities in Okinawa.
2014 Special Collection Exhibition in Kumejima Town.


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