List of Overseas Satellite Broadcasts

 Overseas Satellite Broadcasting System is installed in the library’s
3rd floor lounge for international students. When the service first started
(around May,1998), it aired only 40 channels. By the end of August,1998,
we had extended programming to 131 channels.
 Following channels are available at the moment.

1.Broadcasting Stations in Japan

no. Channel Station(Country)
1 2ch Japan Broadcasting Cooperation (Comprehensive)
2 6ch Far Eastern Network (U.S.Military)
3 8ch Okinwa Television (Okinawa,Japan)
4 10ch Ryukyu Broadcasting Cooperation (Okinawa,Japan)
5 12ch Japan Broadcasting Cooperation (Educational)
6 28ch Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting (Okinawa,Japan)
7 BS-7 Japan Broadcasting Cooperation (Comprehensive)
8 BS-11 Japan Broadcasting Cooperation (Educational)


no. Channel Station(Country)
1 1ch RCTI (Indonesia)
2 2ch TVRI (Indonesia)
3 3ch GUJARAT TV (India)
4 4ch ANG (Australia)
5 5ch SC TV (Indonesia)
6 6ch CNBC (Hong Kong)
7 7ch MTV (Hong Kong)
8 8ch TV5 (France)
9 9ch World Sports (Hong Kong)
10 10ch ANTEVE (Indonesia)
11 11ch TV INDOSIAR (Indonesia)
12 17ch CCTV (China)
13 18ch NTV (China)
14 20ch CCTV-1 (China)
15 21ch CCTV-2 (China)
16 22ch CCTV (China)
17 23ch Star Sports (Hong Kong)
18 24ch Channel V (Hong Kong)
19 26ch Phoenix TV (Taiwan)
20 27ch Star World (Hong Kong)
21 28ch CCTV-4 (China)
22 29ch EGYPTIAN TV (Egypt)
23 32ch World Net (Arabia)
24 33ch CCTV-4 (China)


no. Channel Station(Country)
1 1ch GUJARAT (Indonesia)
2 2ch TVRI (Indonesia)
3 3ch ANG (Australia)
4 5ch SC TV (Indonesia)
5 6ch MTV (Hong Kong)
6 7ch TV5 (France)
7 8ch CNBC (Hong Kong)
8 9ch TPI LANGSUNG (Indonesia)
9 10ch R TV (Brunei)
10 11ch TV INDOSIAR (Indonesia)
11 12ch AN TV (Indonesia)
12 13ch CNN (Hong Kong)
13 14ch TV3 (Malaysia)


no. Channel Station(Country)
1 0101ch Hubei TV (China)
2 0201ch Hunan TV1 (China)
3 0202ch Hunan TV2 (China)
4 0301ch Guandong TV1 (China)
5 0302ch Guandong TV2 (China)
6 0401ch Mongolia TV1 (China)
7 0402ch Mongolia TV2 (China)
8 0501ch WTN LONDON (Voice service)
9 0601ch LNTV Liaoning TV (China)
10 0701ch Jianxi TV1 (China)
11 0702ch Jianxi TV2 (China)
12 0801ch Dongnan TV1 (China)
13 0802ch Dongnan TV2 (China)
14 0901ch Qinghai TV (China)
15 1001ch Henan TV (China)
16 1101ch APTV (Britain)
17 1401ch LAOTV3
18 2001ch DW-TV (Germany)
19 2002ch MCM
20 2003ch RAITV (Italy)
21 2004ch TVE (Spain)
22 2005ch TV5 (France)
23 2006ch DWRai (Germany)(Voice service)
24 2007ch DWRai2&3 (Eastern Europe)(Voice service)
25 2008ch DWRai4&5 (Eastern Europe)(Voice service)
26 2009ch YLE/RCI (Eastern Europe)(Voice service)
27 2010ch WRN (Northern Europe)(Voice service)
28 2011ch REE (Italy)(Voice service)
30 2013ch RFI-2 ASIAN LANGUAGE (China)(Voice service)
31 2014ch RFIMusic (Voice service)
32 2015ch RNW (Germany)(Voice service)
33 2016ch RAI RADIO INTERNATIONAL (Italy)(Voice service)
34 2017ch NN (Italy)(Voice service)
35 2018ch SRI (Germany)(Voice service)


no. Channel Station(Country)
1 1ch Thailand TV 3ch (Thailand)
2 2ch TV5 (France)
3 3ch MTV (Hong Kong)
4 4ch CNBC (Hong Kong)
5 5ch GUJARATTV (India)
6 6ch Star Sports (Hong Kong)
7 7ch ChannelV (Hong Kong)
8 9ch Phoenix TV (Taiwan)
9 10ch Star World (Hong Kong)
10 11ch CCTV-4 (China)
11 12ch EGYPTIAN TV (Egypt)
12 14ch World Net (Hong Kong)
13 15ch CCTV-4 (China)
14 16ch RTP (Eastern Europe)
15 18ch DBPTEL (Russia)
16 19ch TBbMOCKBA (Russia)
17 20ch ALT (Russia)
18 23ch THAICOM3 test pattern
19 24ch Thailand TV 7ch (Thailand)
20 25ch TSN (India)
21 26ch Thailand TV 3ch (Thailand)
22 27ch Thailand TV 9ch (Thailand)
23 28ch CNBCASIS (Hong Kong)
24 29ch SONYTV (India)
25 30ch CNN (Hong Kong)
26 30ch CARTOON NETWORK (Hong Kong)
27 32ch MTV (Hong Kong)
28 33ch CNBCASIA (Hong Kong)
29 390ch RCT19ch (Thailand)
30 391ch Thailand TV 3ch (Thailand)
31 392ch TV5 (France)
32 393ch RTVSUBOK
33 394ch MTV (Hong Kong)
34 395ch TV INDOSIR (Indonesia)
35 396ch CNBC (Hong Kong)
36 398ch CNN (Hong Kong)
37 399ch TVRI (Indonesia)
38 400ch RCT19ch (Thailand)

6.CS (Communications Satellite)

no. Channel Station(Country)
1 200ch Program Guide
2 205ch The University of the Air (Japan)
3 210ch Japan Television (Japan)
4 215ch Game Info
5 216ch Social Info
6 217ch TV Shopping
7 218ch Car Info
8 220ch Shopping Channel
9 221ch Shopping Channel
10 222ch Shopping Channel
11 223ch Shopping Channel
12 230ch Thoshin Satellite Scool (Japan)
13 283ch TV-JAMAR