Reading and Borrowing


(1)The Registration of Users (The Issue of their Library Cards)

The faculty members get their Library Cards upon their employment at this University, and the students use their Student ID Cards as their Library Cards after their user code numbers are attached on them. You should also have your Library Cards (or your Student ID Cards) with you when you apply for the use of the library facilities.

(2)Reading in the Library

You are free to enter the Reading Rooms and the Storages and read, browse and look at the books, but be sure to replace them where they belong after you have finished with them.

(3)Borrowing Procedure (Borrowing Limits)

Hand the book you want to borrow and your Library Card to the librarian in charge at the Counter. She/He will hand them back to you after she/he has processed the loan on the computer and stamped the date by which you should return the book. You are expected to observe the due date.
General books
Reference Books

Faculty members &
Administrative staff

20 vols
4 weeks

1 weeks

5 materials
Over-night loan縲€*2)

Graduate Students
Research Students

15 vols
2 weeks


10 vols
2 weeks

Visitorsツ *

3 vols
2 weeks
*Long-term lending services are available during summer, Winter and Spring vacation.
*As for visitors, lending services are available for teachers, students and residents who are affiliated by the Director.

  • *1) Monographs are lent as General Books
  • *2) On Over-night Loan, materials can be borrowed from 16:00 to 9:00 on the following day.
(Returning a Book)

 Return books to the Circulation Desk. When the library is closed, books may be returned through the book chute in front of the building. When a book is overdue, the borrower may be forbidden to borrow additional books.

(Renewing a loaned book)
If you want to renew a book, bring it to the Circulation Desk and reborrow it in the usual way.
Books may be renewed only once for a period of one week, unless they are overdue and they have been reserved for another reader.

(Reserving a book)
 If the book you want to borrow is out on loan, submit your requst to the Circulation Desk. The book will be reserved for you when it is returned.

(4)Book Request

For materials you would like purchased for our library, you may complete and hand in to the Circulation Department a book purchasing request.
You may also have a class teacher request materials for student (graduate or undergraduate) use in the library.
After examining the contents of the requested materials, we will make every efforts within our budget scope to purchase the requested materials.

(5)Okinawan studies books on Closed Stacks. (Main Lib.)

Okinawan local materials are arranged both in open stacks and in closed stacks. To request a book from the closed stack, obtain the call number from the catalogs or library computer and then present it to the Circulation Desk. These materials can’t be checked out.
 For use, please borrow them by 16:30 and read them in Okinawan materials Room (Open). You have to return them by closing time and have library staff check.

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