Other Services


(1)Reference Service

The staff at the Reference Service Desk will assist you in :
locating materials, using reference materials, and retrieving information.

(2)Copy Service

In the library, users are allowed to take photographs or make photocopies themselves. Copies from materials held by the library should be made solely for educational or research purposes.
To request copies, inquire at the Reference Service Desk. Private materials are not allowed to be copied in the library.

(1 copy)   Univ. Members Visitors
Photocopy Open hour 10 yen 10 yen
Microfilm Photocopy Mon. -Fry.
20 yen 35 yen

(3)Library Cooperation for Activity


  1. Interlibrary Loan
    Materials not held by the library can be borrowed from other libraries for students and faculty members. Inquire at the
    Reference Service Desk.
      If you want to have photocopies sent from another library, apply at the above same desk. You will be charged for
    copying expenses and postage.

  3. How to use other University libraries.
    If you would like use other University libraries, please apply to the Circulation Desk. Between National University
    libraries, common library admission is available for the faculties and undergraduates of the University and is effective for
    an academic year.

(4)Library Homepage (address: http://www.lib.u-ryukyu.ac.jp/)

You can use the library homepage through the internet, its details are as follows:

  1. Information
  2. Guide for library use
  3. OPAC, database retrival(CD-ROM searching system)
  4. Introduction for Okinawan local materials
  5. Introduction for exhibition
  6. Library bulletin etc.

In the future, we will provide more information about Okinawan local materials which are well used inside and outside the university.
Furthermore, a reading guide for books with an introduction from faculties of our university is offered to raise reading interest for freshmen and make good use of library materials.

(5)Information Retrieval (IR) service

We provide two different types of Information Retrieval System.

  1. Online Information Retrieval System.

    These databases searches are available at public expence in the Refernce Sec.
    Please apply to the Reference Section and use the manuals for the details.
    Access Time Weekdays: 8:30-17:00 Reservation for IR is required.
  2. CD-ROM Searching Service
    The following networked CD-ROM databases can be accessed not only from the computer terminal in the library but also from the offices in the university.
     These databases are available for making reports and a graduation theses.
Art & Humanity

  • Art&Humanity Science Citation Index
  • Social Sciences Citation Index

Science, Medicine, Technology

  • Science Citation Index
  • Biological Abstract
  • Biological Abstract/RRM
  • Chemical Abstract
  • INSPEC (Technology, Physics)
  • MEDLINE (Medicine)
  • 医学中央雑誌 (Medical Japanese Journals contents index)

Other fields

  • PsycLIT (Psychology)
  • 雑誌記事索引 (all fields of Japanese journals contents index)
  • Current Contents (all fields excluding Art & Humanity)

We have also another CD-ROMs only used in the library. Please browse the table on the board in front of Information Retrieval Corner or the library home page on the Internet.

(6)Library Workshop

We are giving a training course in the form of a Library Workshop program in the library at a fixed time.
Please take a course and learn how to use database and the library. Opening schedule of the Library Workshop is shown on the library notice board and library homepage as occasion demands.

(7)Library volunteers

We have been accepting library volunteers from all sorts of people as a way of further opening dialogue between library staff and customers, in order to best serve continuing education. This is a new method of opening libraries in Japan. The services of volunteers may render to you are as follows:

  1. Book lending.
  2. Help for foreign students for use of materials.
  3. Help for the physically handicapped for use materials.
  4. Arrangemet of materials, including Okinawan Local Materials and International Periodicals.
  5. Various events occurring in the library (for exdmple, special show of noted films, exhibition of rare books etc.)
    Please ask at the Circulation Desk for the details about library volunteers activities.

(8)Information Display

In front of entrance, we furnish a display for explaining
monthly open hours and various library events.
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