The Facilities and the Access to them


  • (2)Newspapers Room ※ ・・・・ Old Newspapers pub. in Okinawa
  • (3)Rare books Room ※ ・・・・ Post-war materials (USCAR、 GHQ)
  • (13)Book Storage [1C] ・・・・ (Old foreign books accepted by 1989)、Wagugawa collection
  • (14)Book Storage [1D] ・・・・ (Foreign and Japanese Journals before 1975)
★Entrance Hall located on the 2nd Floor

  • (1)Circulation Desk
  • (2)Open Satellite of Information Processing Center
  • (3)Information Retrieval Corner
  • (4)Catalog Corner
  • (5)Copy Corner
  • (6)Circulation Sec.
  • (7)Reference Sec.
  • (8)Public Telephone
  • (9)Newly-Acquired Books Display
  • (10)Book Chute
  • (11)Reading Room [2A] ・・・・ Reference Books (Dictionary, Annual, White Paper etc. )
  • (12)Reading Room [2B] ・・・・ Corner (EU. UN etc)
  • (13)Stacks [2C] ・・・・ Japanese Journals after 1976 a-sha
  • (14)Stacks [2D] ・・・・ Japanese Journals after 1976 shu-wa
  • (15)Stacks [2E](Upper) ・・・・ Foreign Journals after 1976 A-D, P-Z
  • (16)Stacks [2F](Upper) ・・・・ Foreign Journals after 1976 E-O
  • (17)Reading Room [2G]? ・・・・?? Okinawan Materials Room(open)
  • (18)AV Material Room [2H] ※ Microfilm & Videotapes Room
  • (19)Stacks [2K] ※ Okinawan Materials Room (Closed)

  • (1)International students corner・Browsing Corner
  • (2)Research-and-Development Room
  • (3)Reading Room for the blind
  • (4)Pocket edition Corner
  • (5)Copy Corner (public expense)
  • (6)System Control Sec.
  • (7)Electronic Resources Service Sec.
  • (11)Reading Room [3A] ・・・・ Japanese & foreign books NDC 300-399
  • (12)Reading Room [3B] ・・・・ Japanese & foreign books NDC 400-999
  • (13)Stacks [3C] ?? ・・・・? (Old Japanese books) NDC 000-222,380-499
  • (14)Stacks [3D] ?? ・・・・? (Old Japanese books) NDC 222-379
  • (15)Stacks [3E](Upper) (Old Japanese books) NDC 500-999
  • (16)Stacks [3F](Upper) (Scheduled to be set up in 2000)
  • (17)Reading Room [3G] ・・・・ International Periodical
  • Japanese & foreign books NDC 000-299

  • (1)Circulation Desk
  • (2)Information Retrieval Corner
  • (3)Periodical Room
  • (4)Secondary Source
  • (5)Foreign Journals (after 1990)
  • (6)Japanese Journals (after 1985)
  • (7)Newly-Acquired Books Display
  • (8)Materials for the National Exam.for Medical Practitioners
  • (9)Okinawan Materials Corner
  • (10)Copy Corner
  • (11)Newly-Acquired Journals
  • (12)WHO Materials
  • (13)Book Chute
  • (14)OPAC Terminal

  • (1)Browsing Corner (Newspapers housed)
  • (2)Cubicles
  • (3)Audio-Visual Room
  • (4)Foreign books and Japanese Books
  • (5)Reference Books
  • (6)Japanese Journals (-1984)
  • (7)2nd storage levels Foreign Journals (-1989)
  • (8)Publications of Ministry of Health & Welfare


The Counter is on your right at the Entrance. There you should apply for all the library services — borrowing & returning the library materials, photocopying, online information retrieval, guides to the use of the library facilities, and reference services, e.g. help in locating the materials you need.  

  • Browsing Corner (Main: 3F, Medical: 2F)
    You can read the periodicals and newspapers and take a rest in this corner.

  • Reading Rooms (Main: 2F & 3F, Medical: 1F & 2F)
    The Reading Room contains Open Bookcases for general books & journals. You are free to use all the carrel desks except the ones in the section for the users of the Inventories.

  • Stacks (Main: 1F, 2F & 3F, Medical: 2F)
    The Stacks contain the back numbers of periodicals and rarely used books, you can read all materials in this library.
    If you move bookshelves in the stacks, you should make sure that there is nobody between them before you doing so.

  • International Students Corner (Main: 3F)
    As for internationalization, the library has introduced a satellite overseas broadcasting reception system with which you can see more than 130 channels of overseas broadcasting program in about 30 different countries. We also provide electric foreign newspapers reader terminals with which you can see electric foreign newspapers through internet. In addition to these, the above corner is furnished with foreign books concerning Japanese culture, traits, etc.
     Please use the above corner as a place for international students to communicate among themselves and with local students.

  • Information Retrieval Corner
    You can use OPAC terminals, CD-ROM databases and Nacsis Webcat which offer union catalog of books and journals of Japanese universities.
    ? These database searching is available in the above corner in front of the entrance.

  • Open Satellite of lnformation Processing Center
    This corner is prepared for training of electronic mail(E-mail) and World Wide Wed (www). You have to be trained in the use of them under the guidence of your adviser.


( How to Use the Facilities in the Library)        

You should report to the Counter and deposit your Library Card (or your Student ID Card) there before you use under facilities.

  • Multi-Purpose Hall (Main: 1F)
    This hall houses projectors for movies, slides, videos and other audio-visual machines. The hall can be used for library events including exhibitions for example, and various other intramural cultural activities.

  • Group Study Rooms (Main: 1F, Medical: 2F)
    Main (2 rooms;12 members), Medical (2 rooms; 8 members)
    The rooms are provided for group studies or seminars by not less than five users. Undergraduate students can reserve a Group Study Rooms for a week.

  • Study Cubicle (Main:1F)
    Faculty members and graduate students may enter this room for research using library materials. Period of use is ten days at the longest.

  • Audio-Visual Material Room (Main:1F in the Group Study Room)
    There are two language learning units and an LD & CD apparatus installed in this room for individual use. You can play both the audio-visual materials of the library and your personal ones.

  • Micromaterial Room (Main: 2F), Audio-Visual Room(Medical: 2F)
    In this room are kept audio-visual materials like CD’s, records, cassettes, laser discs and video tapes. There is a video player(VCR) that you may use.

Deposit Room

  • Okinawan local materials (Main:2F)・Newspaper room(Main:1F)
     This room is prepared for collection of Okinawa local materials and their stacks. Faculty members and graduate students may enter the closed stacks. Furthermore, undergraduates may enter with approval of their academic advisers who have to supervise their progress.
     These materials are only available inside the library as rule. For use of other special collections such as Iha Fuyu and Miyara Dunchi, necessary procedures are required in advance.

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