The Library Days & Hours


Library Hours & Closed Days

Mon.-Fri. Sat-Sun, holidays
Library Hours
(Main) 8:30~22:00 10:00~20:00
(Medical) 8:30~22:00 8:30~22:00
Vacation Periods* 8:30~17:00 Closed

Closed *University’s Founding Anniversary (May 22)、The holidays before & after New Year’s Day (Dec. 28-Jan. 4)

(Main Library only)
 University Festival
 National Center Test for University Entrance
 Entrance examination

When necessary, the library will also be closed temporarily on other days.
It should also be noted that there may be changes in opening and closing hours. Notice of such changes will be given in advance.

More details are given in the Library Calender.


Library service hours

Mon. – Fri. SAT. – Sun, Holidays
Service ◎ Reading
◎ Borrowing
◎ Copy Service
(Open hours) (Open hours)
◎ Reference Service Desk Inter Library Loan
  Information Retrieval
8:30~17:00 not available
Information Retrieval Other services not available
Rooms Okinawan local materials(closed)

Audio-Visual Material Room

2F 8:30~17:00 not available
(Open hours) (Open hours)
Group Study Rooms
1F 8:30~17:00 not available
Multi-Purpose Hall 1F


Visitors should report to the Counter and go through the necessary procedures.
(Tables with a * are available to visitors.)

 *The picture on the title page is a design of “Bingata”
traditional Okinawa dyed fabric (traced to the Beauty
of Craft in Okinawa, collection of Japan Folkcraft
Museum ; 日本民藝館蔵 「沖縄の美」 )

Last Updated:2009/04/12