How to Use the Library

The University Library can be used not only by staff members and students but also by visitors. We expect you to make the most of it, observing the following reminders.
You may carry your belongings with you into the library.
You may not eat or drink inside the library.
You should refrain from talking which might disturb other users.
You should refrain from smoking inside the library

* For the use of some of the facilities, you should apply at the Circulation Desk.


How to Use the Materials in the Library

Since the library belongs to everyone , you are expected to make good use of its resources in your studies and research. Please read the rules and always to be considerate of the needs of other users.
You should treat the books carefully.
You should return the materials you have used to where they belong.
You should apply at the Counter when you take out any material in the Library and return that material by the deadline of your loan.


How Widely You Can Use The Library

Through the University Library, you can get access to the materials and the services of the National Diet Library and other university libraries. You can also get copies of rare materials which are located outside of the country. These interlibrary services are only part of the wide range of services so that the University Library offers to meet the needs of its users. You are expected to make the most of them, observing the regulations.  


Reference Serevice
Photocopying Service
Interlibrary Loan Service
Information Retrieval Service


  • Library Calendar


When You Are In Trouble

With this Guide you will be able to learn the basic rules for using the University Library, but you will always be welcome at the Counter whenever you need any help. (However, you may be asked to wait for a while when your problems cannot be solved in the Library and the Library must seek outside help.)  

  • When you don’t know how to use the Book Inventories (the On-line Catalog)
  • When you don’t know where the material you want is placed.
  • When you can’t find the material you want on the denoted shelf.
  • When you want to get access to the material in another Library.
  • * You are expected to read “The Library Bulletin” and “The Library News” for some more and up-to-date information.

Last Updated:2009/04/12