Library booth guide


★Open Satellite★
(Next to Information Retrieval Corner: Center for Integrated Information Processings’ facility)
~ Enjoy e-mail without your own PC ~
booth003 In front of the second floor counter, these computers are available. Right corner is “Open Satellite” from Center for Integrated Information Processings.

You don’t have your own computer at home? You haven’t used computers before? Why not use these computers! The students can freely use these 22 computers in this corner. Software like “Excel” is available and you can also try e-mail and Internet.
・ User ID, Password, and e-mail address Application: Before Using the computers in the Open Satellite corner, first, you need to acquire User ID and Password which are necessary when you start computers. You can apply for them by filling the form from Center for Integrated Information Processings near College of Engineering building.
Various software is sure to help your essay and thesis writing and you will find e-mail to be an interesting and a useful way of communication. (You can get your e-mail address when your apply for User ID.) By visiting a lot of homepages on the Web, you may be surprised to find enormous amount of information. There is also a laser printer that you can use.
These Open Satellite computers are not owned by the library and we cannot teach how to use them or help in case of some trouble. Center for Integrated Information Processings is responsible for repairing the computers or the printer. (We supply papers for the printer. When you need papers, please come to the counter.)
The university provides computer classes on how to use software and how to send an e-mail. You can find books in the library to help you operate computers. Do not keep a computer to yourself for a long hour and do not change settings. You can use these two computer corners according to your purpose. Information Retrieval Corner is to search information of books and essays, and Open Satellite is for e-mail and Internet.
“Information Literacy” means the ability to use computer and to collect information in various way. We hope this corner will help you improve your information literacy for the coming information society.
If you have any questions about this corner, contact Center for integrated information Processings.
Homepage Address:
Phone No (Outside line): 098-895-8948
(Extension): 8948, 2750
booth001★International Students’ Corner★
(Browsing corner on the library’s third floor)

●Overseas Satellite Broadcasting System
When the service first started (around May 1998), it aired only 40 channels. By the end of 1998, we had extended programming to 131 channels, and plan to add satellite capacity for Korean language programs by the end of 1999 to meet students’ requests.
You can check satellite program and channel lists through the library’s homepage.
●Desktop Computer for International Students
There are four computers installed for e-mail and Internet use. They can read English, European languages, Korean, and Chinese.
●Laptop Computer for Use by International Students Inside the Library
Three laptop computers are available for use by international students. You can use them for your research and private purposes.
There are outlets to connect to the network on the second and third floors just inside the library annex entrances where you can access e-mail and Internet. The laptops can be used in a limited area only, and not in the main library area.
They can be used during library hours of operation. Please come to the second floor counter to check it out.
★International Documentation Center ★
(Annex building on the third floor: Left end through the main entrance.)
There are international document including publications from United Nations, official materials from European Union institutions and European Commission in Japan, OECD(Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) materials, and UNESCO(United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) materials.
The Center is open during the library hours of operation and we welcome visitors. We do not loan a material since we only obtain single one. There are coin copying machines in front of the main counter.
Each day, up to date information arrives from international institutions and we hope you find it useful. Materials related to WHO can be found at the document center in College of Agriculture, and FAO materials are in Medical Library.
In this corner, a computer is prepared to search international materials.
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