Notice for Main Library Restroom Renovation Work

The old section of University of the Ryukyus Main Library building will go under the earthquake resistance renovation work starting August 24. Accordingly, the restrooms in the new building section will also be renovated. The following is the work schedule for the restrooms in the library. We are sorry for the great inconvenience this may have caused you and we would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

・Work Areas: Restrooms (1 – 3 floors) of Main Library New Building Section
・Work Period: August 31, 2015 – early November, 2015

The restrooms in the library cannot be used during the renovation work. Please use restrooms in other buildings.
※The noise and vibration of renovation work will occur intermittently.
※Temporary enclosure will be installed and some passage ways around the work area may be restricted to ensure the safety. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Last Updated:2015/08/20