Copy Service for Journal Articles (for free) during the Temporary Closure of the Library 【 Renovation Work Related 】

The library is currently under the renovation work and we are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you. We have had Copy Service (ILL) for free on a trial basis for the journal articles which are temporarily removed from the library due to the renovation work. This service will be carried out on a continual basis. (Notification PDF)

【Materials Subjected to The Service】
Articles or papers from the journals (Japanese and foreign, universities, Chinese and Korean journals) which are unavailable because they had been moved out of the library.

【Persons Eligible to Use The Service】
Members of University of the Ryukyus (undergraduate, graduate and research students, staff and faculty and others)

【Trial Period】
June 15, 2015 – August 14, 2015
【Period of Implementation】
August 15, 2015 –March 31, 2016
The service will be carried out during the period mentioned above.
*We have the limited man power and budget. Therefore, we ask for your cooperation in giving consideration to the number of copies you request and the time of day you use this service to avoid any congestion.

【How to Request for The Service】
1. Go to Univ. Ryukyus Library Catalog from the Library homepage>FIND, and verify that the journal you need is stocked. Then make sure that it has a message “利用休止” which means it’s temporary unavailable, on the location information screen. Also, be sure to check the volume numbers as well.

2. Go to My Library Login from the Library homepage>USE to enter your request. Type in “OPAC上利用休止” in the designated area. (How to request for service pdf)

【Contact for Inquiries】
Material Service Subsection
Phone number: 098-895-8166
e-mail address:

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Last Updated:2015/08/12